Coming Back Home - West Park’s Tyler Scott Finally Gets Opportunity to Play for His Hometown Team

Coming Back Home - West Park’s Tyler Scott Finally Gets Opportunity to Play for His Hometown Team

Written by Carson Deveau

For Tyler Scott, it has always been a dream to be able to come home, and play in front of his friends and family as a member of the Halifax Hurricanes.

"That's the goal. Being able to play professional basketball in your hometown, with your loved ones watching. It's every athletes' dream."

That dream has finally become a reality, as Tyler will be suiting up for the Hurricanes this upcoming season, after signing with the team in the summer.

Tyler grew up in Park West, Bedford, and played his high school basketball for the West Park Warriors. Tyler has loved basketball for almost as long as he can remember, and has been a fan of the Hurricanes dating back to when the franchise first moved to Halifax.

After graduating from Halifax West High School, Tyler attended the University of Prince Edward Island, where he played for the UPEI Panthers. During his tenure at UPEI, the 6'3 combo-guard was a two-time CIS All-Canadian – an honour awarded to the best university basketball players in the country. Prince Edward Island didn't want to lose Tyler after he graduated from UPEI, as the Island Storm signed him to a two-year contract.

With the contract expiring this off-season, Tyler got presented the opportunity that he's been waiting for since he was in high school – to come home and play professional basketball.

Mike Leslie, Hurricanes' President and General Manager, reached out to Tyler about playing for the Hurricanes in the summer. After back-and-forth discussions between the two, Tyler signed with the Hurricanes, and was finally back home and playing ball for his hometown team.

"I always wanted to play for the Hurricanes. As time goes on, and my perspective on things in my life began to change, I realized that if the opportunity ever presented itself to come home and play in front of family and friends, and not to mention the best fan base in the entire NBLC, it was something I couldn't pass on. And, luckily for me, that opportunity did present itself and I couldn't be happier."

Tyler wasn't the only one who was happy that he was returning home. When news broke about his signing, family and friends instantly reached out to him to not only congratulate him, but for tickets to come see him play as well.

"I love it man. It all comes from a good place, and who wouldn't want to have their loved ones around to support you. I'm excited to finally get to play in front of them regularly, and extremely thankful."

Looking ahead to the home opener on December 29th, Tyler said he has thought about this moment for years, and is nervous, but very excited, for it to finally happen.

"I've envisioned this for years – stepping on the court, wearing my hometown team's jersey, while all of my friends and family cheer me on. So, of course the first game will be nerve-racking. But once that ball is tossed in the air, I'll be good to go."

When asked what fans can expect from their home-grown product this season, Tyler simply said they'll expect someone who works relentlessly every day, and is extremely grateful for the opportunity.

"To be able to come home, and play at a packed Scotiabank Centre, with the best fans in the league, is going to be amazing, and something I am thankful finally happened."