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Community spirit is at an all-time high for Hurricanes

Thursday May 04, 2017 in News by Halifax Hurricanes   () comments

Starting the playoff season has everyone's nerves on high alert and the excitement in the air is palpable around the city. As the Halifax Hurricanes prepare to welcome teams onto their court, reflecting on the growth of the team and continued support shown by the community is equally important to the success of the team thus far. With a flurry of local business getting behind the reigning champions, community spirit is at an all-time high as the snow has finally melted and the Hurricanes continue to shine. 
    With summer on the horizon, many of the sponsors behind the Hurricanes are working to prepare the upcoming tourist season and they are working overtime. 
The owners of New Scotland Clothing are one of these businesses. With plans to open up a new store on the Halifax Waterfront this summer, they have found the formula to successful business within the province of Nova Scotia.  They also know how important it is to support the community and to give back to those who have given them so much.
“I think it’s a great thing for Halifax and it shows that we can support another professional level team here. People are very excited about the league and it has become a family oriented night out . . . it is a great night out," says Kevin Saccary from the New Scotland Clothing Company.  
“We’ve noticed quite a change with people coming in the shop because they saw us at the Hurricanes game,” explains Saccary.
“We’re definitely going to come on board next season . . . and hopefully get involved in the playoffs as well, explains Saccary. 
     As the games continue to shift more towards a family-oriented theme, the opportunity for the playoffs to bring in record level crowds is something that everyone is looking forward to.
    With local sponsors in their corner, the team is looking to take on the Moncton Miracles in the first series and are banking on the support of their growing fan base. Hoping to return to the finals and repeat the success of last year, the Hurricanes are engrained in the community as a pillar of success and are an example of what can happen when a community comes together to support their team.

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