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Hurricanes look to dominate court with the postseason in sight

Wednesday Apr 19, 2017 in News by Halifax Hurricanes   () comments


With all eyes on the Halifax Hurricanes, the team is looking at each other as playoffs are on the horizon for the hometown men. Following several roster changes and adopting several new strategies, the team is working on ways to improve and sew up any weak points that may exist as the clock is running out for time to practice. Admitting the need to work on defence, the Hurricanes look to new avenues and methods of playing while continuing to build on the positives that have come throughout this season.    

By Ryan Gallant

Understanding the fragility of the league and the strength of every player, assistant coach Chris Pagentine explains, “it’s tough in this league because there is so much parody . . . and anything can happen on any given night.”

Pagentine goes on to explain that this crucial time of year is when things start to happen and it is the teams that adjust who are the ones that will ultimately succeed. “Teams rosters are changing and with the recent deadline we have to shift gears,” he says.

With the need for stronger defence in mind, coach Mike Leslie along with the assistant coaches have the team working to tighten up any loose areas and close gaps in areas that they are struggling with.

Point guard Joey Haywood reiterates this in saying that “our offence is great are and we are a talented team, but defence [really] needs to be our focus.”

As the post season looms, Halifax’s team is heating up again and returning to their winning ways after experiencing a late season speed bump with several unfortunate losses.

Additional players and renewed confidence from the growing fan base continues to propel the Hurricanes in the right direction and as Haywood explains, “every team in this league is a good team,” therefore being on top of your game is necessary to keep winning games and move further into the postseason.

Eying the championship for a second consecutive year, these next few weeks will consist of the most intensive training exercises the team has seen yet. Keeping their eye on the prize is what drives the team to push their limits each day and the city of Halifax has their fingers crossed for the Hurricanes as the regular season winds to an end. 

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