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Late addition Hurricane Aaron Bowen looks to attack rim in new league

Saturday Apr 08, 2017 in News by Halifax Hurricanes   () comments


Hailing from the state where our seniors like to spend the cold winter months, Florida native Aaron Bowen is a welcome addition to the NBL and the Halifax Hurricanes. As someone who has a record for attacking the rim, Bowen is looking forward to putting his experience and expertise to the test in our beloved city.

The six-foot-six player is a last minute addition to the Hurricanes as playoffs loom on the horizon. When asked about coming to the NBL, Bowen explains, he “was home (in Florida) for a few months after leaving the D-league then got a call to go to Windsor.” After only being on the court for one game “their Point Guard came back and they released me . . . luckily Coach Leslie picked me up,” he explains as he made tracks for the East Coast.

Confident in his abilities as a player, Bowen goes on to explain that “it is a better situation here” and attributes that to “the type of player” he is.

Reminiscing on his former teammates in Windsor, he reaffirms “it will be fun to see some of those guys again and play against them.” Of course, Bowen along with the rest of the Hurricanes are optimistic in their chances against their Ontario rival and hope to come out on top.

“Honestly I didn’t hear about this league because I was . . .  with the (Orlando) Magic,” explains Bowen. Fortunately for Bowen, a lucky changing of agents allowed him this opportunity he otherwise wouldn’t have had.

Thanks to that switch, Bowen was directed to the NBL thanks to several success stories and his drive to play and excel, he was seen as a prime candidate for the league team before landing on the court alongside his teammates in Halifax. 

 “I like a tough league,” says Bowen when asked what his plans are for the future. With the lifestyle of these athletes fluctuating so drastically each season, sometimes plans change. However, Bowen remains confident that this league is a good fit and will continue to grow with his new team in Halifax.  

  • Who is your basketball Idol: Michael Jordan
  • What is your favourite food: Any type of seafood
  • Who are your biggest fans: Mom and Dad
  • What is your favourite TV show: Power

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